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Inspiring to Heights Untried

1910 - 2022

Who are the DAUGHTERS?

                      The Imperial Court Daughters. PHA is an auxiliary of female family members of Prince Hall Shriners and was

             formally organized at the annual session of the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Noble Mystic Shrine (A.E.A.O.N.M.S.)

              held in Detroit, Michigan on the 24th of August, 1910.


              The establishment of the Imperial Court was the result of a meeting held in 1909 when women representing the                                Daughters PHA from Maryland, Rhode Island, and Washington, DC met with a committee of Prince Hall Shriners

             and requested the formation and recognition of an organization for women. There were groups of women from

              several cities where Shrine Temples were located that had formed auxiliaries for the female relatives of the male

             members but nothing had been done to formally organize them until the meeting in Detroit.


              The purpose of the Imperial Court Daughters PHA is to unite the relatives of all members of A.E.A.O.N.M.S. into

             one common bond of friendship, to practice charity and benevolence, and to inculcate honor and integrity

           , as symbolized in the legend of the Egyptian Queen.


              Like its parent organization, the Imperial Court is a benevolent and charitable organization. This organization

             of 12 Courts at its inception, can now boast more than 200 Courts, with a growing membership of more than

             12,000 members in the continental United States, Europe, Canada, Bahamas, and Okinawa.


                                                                            Was this organization named after the Egyptian Queen?


                   Indeed it was. Isis was the goddess of fertility and motherhood. She represents so many of our female

              characteristics such as birth, determination, intuition, nurturing, compassion, love, as well as resourcefulness.

             We as Daughters strive to emulate these traits in all that we do.


              Her husband, Osiris was murdered by his brother, Set, and his remains were thrown into the River Nile. When she

             heard of her husband's assassination, she searched the Nile night and day to find his body. Once she did, she hid

              his body inside a tree. Set found his brother's body and cut it up into 14 pieces and scattered them throughout



              Isis hunted for the remains of her husband again and found all but 1 piece of Osiris' body-which was swallowed by a

             fish. Isis and Osiris had a son, Horus, who grew up and avenged his father's death. He defeated his uncle,

              Set, thus uniting Upper and Lower Egypt.


                                                                                                                                 What do the Daughters do?

             Specific program thrusts include education and scholarship, health, mentoring our youth and senior citizens, book

             bags and school supplies for adopted schools, and the Children/Youth. In addition to volunteer activities,

             financial donations are made annually to College Fund/UNCF, scholarships, Health and Medical Research,

             American Cancer Society, Mental Retardation, NAACP, National Foundation (Birth Defects), HIV/AIDS Awareness

              and other civic and special interests.

             This organization of 12 courts at its inception has grown to almost 200 courts located in the United States,

              Canada, the Bahamas, Germany, Italy, and Japan.



1910 - 2022


Dt. Emma Golden (Irvine) (9)  1910 to 1911

*Dt. Laura Williams (114)  1911 to 1912

* Dt. Mary Ida Miller (2)  1912 to 1913

*Dt. Cassie Melker (7)  1913 to 1915

* Dt. Besscilla Smith (Franklin) (1) 1915 to 1916

*Dt. Anna B. Groves (15)  1916 to 1920

* Dt. Agnes E. Goldston (9)  1920 to 1922

*Dt. Frances R. Butler (11)  1922 to 1923

*Dt. Ursula Hines-Botts (12)  1923 to 1925

*Dt. Elizabeth Graves (21)  1925 to 1927

*Dt. Anna J. Berry (10)  1927 to 1929

*Dt. Lillie E. Powell (25)  1929 to 1932

*Dt. Alice B. Campbell (11)  1932 - 1934

*Dt. Sally M. Stockton (2)  1934 to 1937

*Dt. T. Carter Brown (15)  1937 to 1939

*Dt. Willa J. Britton (35)  1939 to 1942

*Dt. Beulal L. McKay (69)  1942 to 1948

*Dt. Ercelle Harmon Moore (62)  1948 to 1966

*Dt. Wilhelmina L. Means (32)  1966 to 1968

* Dt. Eliza Meekins Coleman (80)  1968 to 1970

*Dt. Gladys W. Dixon (1)  1970 to 1972

* Dt. Lucille Imman Boyd (119)  1972 to 1974

*Dt. Thelma M. Gordon (87)  1974 to 1976

* Dt. Anita Gray Adams (110)  1976 to 1978

Dt. Annie M. Bolden (95)  1978 to 1980

*Dt. Dorothy Jenkins-Scott (32)  1980 to 1982

* Dt. Idee W. Dodson (69)  1982 to 1984

* Dt. Phyllis McKoy (74)  1984

Dt. Annie M. Bolden (95) (Pro-Tem)  1985

Dt. Dorothy P. Shelton (62)  1985 to 1987

*Dt. Gwendolyn C. Thompson (130)  1987 to 1989

* Dt. Jewel Rodgers Lang (35)  1989 to 1991

* Dt. Margaret P. Warren (5)  1991 to 1993

* Dt. Eva Ray Allen (40)  1993 to 1995

*Dt. Mildred T. Crosby (2)  1995 to 1997

* Dt. Artemisia J. Junier (110)  1997 to 1999

Dt. Gloria Brown Ramsey (166)  1999 to 2001

Dt. Teena Scott Delgado (94)  2001 to 2003

* Dt. Ernestine H. Buck (135)  2003 to 2005

Dt. Charlie P. Albury, Psy.D (117)  2005 to 2007

Dt. Iris L. Moore (114)  2007 to 2009

Dt. Charlesena H. Smith (73) 2009 to 2011

Dt. Ruth Mayfield Ellerbe (74)  2011 to 2013

Dt. Sadie B. Mitchell (10)  2013 to 2015

Dt. Alicia J. Chisolm (43)  2015 to 2017

Dt. Josephine Stokes-Wheat (15) 2017 to 2019

Dt. Jacqualine Brown Arradondo (22) 2019 - 2021

Dt. Paulette  Brown (21) 2021 - present



* Denotes Deceased

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