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Give semi-annual reports according to the Imperial Court By-laws. Collect the financial books and documents from the Recordress and Treasurer. Perform a financial and administrative audit in accordance with guidelines established by the Imperial Court Auditors.


Plan and manage the financial future of the Court. Present a working budget for the ensuing year. Review past financial records and recommend a financial plan. Provide semi-annual report to the Court.


Develop, review and recommend the governing documents of MISR Court. At the request of the Court, review and revise the Court by-laws. Prepare correspondence to notify the membership of updates/changes. Ensure revised bylaws are submitted to the to the Imperial Court.


Under the leadership of the Deputy for the Oasis, this team is responsible for performing Daughters funeral services (as requested) for deceased financial member of MISR Court No. 193. All members on the team, including the alternates, will be trained on how to perform a Daughters funeral service according to the guidelines outlined in the ritual.


Participate in local parades and events. Participate in the parade and/or competition at Imperial Session.


Participate in various Masonic and Shrine events as approved. Participate at Imperial Session Competition and/or other events during Imperial Session as requested as well as participate in the MISR Joint Ball.


Plan and execute community service activities for MISR Court member’s participation. Giving back is good for the body, mind, and soul.


Adopt A Family 

Adopt A Road 

Community Day 

IC Special Projects 


Learn and enjoy the latest line dances as well as create a line dance routine for the Daughters Line Dance competition at Imperial Session.


Mentor young ladies between the ages of 7 & 18 by helping them achieve academic success, increase knowledge of the arts and cultural awareness, and to increase leadership and life management skills.


Adopt A School Program


Plan an annual day of fellowshipping with Misr Court 193, our family, friends and PHAmily.

Egyptian Tea

Plan an affair that meets the requirements of the Imperial Court.

Equestrian Team​

Master the art of horseback riding. Participate at Imperial Session competition and activities.

Health Committee

Educate the Daughters of MISR Court No. 193 and bring health awareness at each Court meeting. Plan events that promote health and wellness to include exercise.


Educate the members about the history of MISR Court No. 193.

Christmas in April

Partner with Misr Temple 213 to plan and support the annual Christmas in April community service project within Prince Georges County.


Spread awareness and encourage membership with the NAACP. Assist the NAACP with their mission of raising awareness for political, educational, social, and economic quality for communities of color in the electoral and legislative process.

Community Health Initiative (CHI)

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IT Media Department

Maintain the MISR Court No. 193 website and social media pages ensuring information is accurate and up to date. Keep inventory of all equipment and ensure all software and licenses are up to date.


MISR Newsletter 

Annual Prayer Luncheon

Plan and execute the annual prayer service event which serves as the first joint event of the year. The purpose of the event is to ensure that the Temple and the Court start the year unified and blessed in an abundance of love.

Queens Cabinet

Plan fundraisers to support the Courts candidate for Desert Queen in hopes of participating in the Imperial Court Queen Competition. The Queen Competition funds are used by the Imperial Court for charities and to assist Daughters in distress.


Ensure the Court provides a scholarship to a deserving graduating high school senior based on the criteria outlined in the scholarship package. Recommend to the Court the deserving candidate(s)s of the “Helen M. Plummer Memorial Scholarship”, and to submit the recipient(s) name to the Imperial Court for their scholarship consideration.


Provide refreshments for court visitations, repast and at the request of the Illustrious Commandress. This excludes the Annual MISR Joint Ball.

The "Goddess Project"​

Perform under the leadership of the Deputy for the Oasis, perform the tasks/duties required to create a candidate for membership of MISR Court No. 193 according to the by-laws and constitution of the Imperial Court, Daughters.






Chat & Chew 

Sickness and Distress/Celebration

Report any sickness and distress to the Court; send communication from the Court to the member/family in need of prayer; submit any members that are in distress and in need of a charitable donation; send cheerful greeting to those who have a birthday, anniversary, promotion, new home, etc., MISR Court No. 193.

Thanksgiving Service

Plan the annual Thanksgiving and Feast of Isis service which is the 3rd Sunday of May.

Thinking Pink

Bring Breast Cancer awareness to the members of MISR Court No. 193 by providing information on support groups and screening prevention. Support the Imperial Court Thinking Pink Initiative and plan a fundraiser for donation to Breast Cancer.

Ways and Means

Plan fundraising events that will generate funds for MISR Court No. 193, to fulfil financial obligations and to achieve the mission of being a charitable organization.


Andrews Air Force Base Air Show 2022 

Women's Veterans Program Committee

Support the local veterans in the Washington Metropolitan area. Give recognition and support to the members of the organization and their families who are active or retired members of the United States Military branches. Support the Imperial Court Military Daughters by recommending a MISR Court No. 193 member for nomination for the Imperial Court Military Daughter of the Year.

2023 MISR Joint Charity Ball

Responsible for planning the Annual Joint MISR Charity Ball with the Nobles of MISR Temple #213. The event honors the presiding Illustrious Commandress and Illustrious Potentate.


To make a scrapbook outlining the year through pictures and memorabilia for the presiding Illustrious Commandress.

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