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MISR Court No. 193 ACTIVE Members

Current Membership

Dt. Albany, Cheryln

Dt. Avery, Natasha


Dt. Albany, Cherlyn


Dt. Baily-Thomas, Nanna

Dt. Ball, Torri

Dt. Boston-Knowles, LaShawn

Dt. Brown, Clayola

Dt. Brown, Hilda

Dt. Brown, Jeronna

Dt. Brown, Toni

Dt. Burrell, Christina

Dt. Bullock-Jones, Alohalani


Dt. Campbell-Shields, Kimberly

Dt. Carson, Camelle

Dt. Cepeda-Proctor, Christina

Dt. Carter, Michelle

Dt. Chambers, Cathy

Dt. Clanton, Lazette

Dt. Clarkson, LaTonya

Dt. Crenshaw, Anna


Dt. Davis, Beverly

Dt. Davis, Kasia


Dt. Estep, Brandi

Dt. Evans, LaVerne


Dt. Ford,  Vernell

Dt. Freeman, Jawanda

Dt. Freeman, Lacricia


Dt. Garner, Patricia

Dt. Garnes, Jeanine

Dt. Glenn, Latrenda


Dt. Hammond, Shelly

Dt. Harris, Antionette

Dt. Harris, Ronetta

Dt. Harris, Nysha

Dt. Harris, Tamika

Dt. Hawkins, Charlitha

Dt. Hemphill, Athena

Dt. Henry, Edith

Dt. Hillmon, Rosemarie
Dt. Hodges, Juanita

Dt. Holloway, Cynthia

Dt. Howerton, Shonnette

Dt. Jackson, Paula
Dt. Jobe, Kiana

Dt. Johnson, Kimberly

Dt. Johnson, Renetta

Dt. Johnson, Robin
Dt. Johnson, Tara

Dt. Jones,  Latia

Dt. Jones, Jaquline


Dt. King, Zenobia


Dt. Lee, Cynthia

Dt. Lindsey, Olayemi

Dt. Lockett, Monica 

Dt. Lytton, Kelly 


Dt. McFadden, Chevon

Dt. McWaine, Bernadine

Dt. Mitchell, Darlene

Dt. Monteiro, Laronda


Dt. Morgan, Janita
Dt. Morgan , LaWand


Dt. Plummer, Jeronica 

Dt. Plummer,  Tanya

Dt. Price, Cynthia


Dt. Quildon, Renna


Dt. Roberts, Marie

Dt. Roberts, Monique


Dt. Scott, Aletrice

Dt. Scott, Tig

Dt. Scurry, Deidre

Dt. Silver, Tiawanna
Dt. Singleton, Demaryl

Dt. Slaughter-Courtney, Marcia LaJuan

Dt. Smith, Delores

 Dt. Smoaks, Alana

Dt. Stone, Juliette


Dt Tatum, Lisa

Dt. Thomas, Ida

Dt. Thomas, Jean

Dt. Thomas, Sierra

Dt. Thomas, Venice

Dt. Thompson, Kisha


Dt. Vaughner, Alicia

Dt. Vinson, Katia
Dt. Vinson-Wallace, Patricia 


Dt. White, Angel

Dt. Whiteside, Janice
Dt. Wright, Helen

Dt. Wright, Michele


Dt. Young, Sandra


HPC Ellison Joyce*
HPC Jackson Paula
HPC Roberts Marie
HPC Thomas Ida
HPC Thomas Jean


HPIC Henry, Bobbi Jean

HPIC Jowers, Christine *

HPIC Mason, Shirley

HPIC Reid, Bernice 

HPIC Williams, Carol

HPIC Young, Maryland


PC Arrington, Kara

PC Arrington, Sandra

PC Blackwell-Robinson, Jan

PC Buggs-Perow, Bonnie

PC Diggs, Ferricia

PC Drummond-Jones, Venus

PC Eatmon, Katie 
PC Edge,  Deblen
PC Gordon, Joan 

PC James, Kaprece

PC Pittman,  Janelle 
PC Plummer, Angela

PC Robinson, Lynise

PC Rose, Geneva *
PC Walker, Sheri 
PC Young, Larolyn 




PIC Mitchell, Sadie (2) 

PIC Delgado, Tina (94)

PIC Ellerbe, Ruth  (74)


Imperial Commandress, Dt. Brown Arradondo, Jacqualine (22)

Imperial 1st Lt. Commandress, Dt. Moore, Gwendolyn (1)

Imperial 2nd Lt. Commandtrss, Dt. Wright-Chisom, Karen (126)

Imperial 1st Ceremonial Daughter, Dt. Eggleston, Cheryl (23)

Imperial 2nd Ceremonial Daughter, Dt. Campbell,, Joan (210) 


PC Beamon, Violet (16)

PC Bishop,  Camisa (100) 

PC Blakes,  Rosalind (218)

PC Boyer, Catherine (189)

PC Campbell,  Tonya (218)

PC Clark, Barbara (136)

PC Craddox,  Trina (98)

PC Curry, Juliette (118)

PC Davis,  Robin (117)

PC Deloatch,  Tolara (136)

PC Dones, Marguerite (211)

PC Dorsey, Dorothea (197)

PC Dye, Renee (28)

PC Fields,  Trisha (104)

PC Garlic, Dorothy (14)

PC Griffin, Marjorie (135)

PC Holmes, Pamela (130)

PC Jackson,  Nina )224)

PC Jackson-Thorne, Trudy (108)

PC James, Mary (210)

PC Little, Latonya (118)

PC Locke, Phylliss (33)

PC London, Teresa (17)

PC Lum, Tammy (54)

PC Moore,  Pearl (16)

PC Nathan, Adrienne (5)

PC Nesmith, Spring (97)

PC Perry, Shirley (210)

PC Redden, Joyce (54)

PC Reid, Linda (135)

PC Rochester, Mechelle (54)

PC Ross, Angelia (52)

PC Royal, Betty (1)

PC Simmons, Lashara (98)

PC Skinner, Robbie (197)

PC Sylvester, Florence (16)

PC Tate Toiya (100)

PC Taylor, Cynthia (10)

PC Thomas, Lexie (1)

PC Thomas, Lisa (10)

PC Thompson, Ann (41)

PC Ward Curtis, Kimberly (173)

PC White, Bonnie (189)

PC Williams, Lady (140)


HPIC Lang-Jeter, Lula (100)

HPIC Shaw, Domino 917)


HPC Hurst, Constance (17)

HPC Powell, Rosalie (10)


Dt. Evans, Ann (74)

Dt. Smith-Hill, Debora  (10)


* - Denotes Deceased 

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