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If I could explain what a Sister is, I would be rich.

The word Sister and the person is one of the most unexplainable in the world, Because a Sister is a touch, a word of encouragement,

a loving shelter, a roaring storm, a tiger, a lamb

and it goes on and on.

What I do know and can explain, She prayed powerful for me and you and she was always not far from reach.

She was always rich in love, compassion and knowledge,

and strong enough to never let me or you

see her buckle under pressure.

There was always a smile no matter how bleak the day or situation.

In a Sister there is always a pillar of strength

and a couch to God's own Grace.

That songbird that God made to sooth the rough curves in our lives, A sister is a precious gem, gift and priceless jewel.

A Sister is a treasure that will never dull with age or time. She was a bright light in our life And I thank God for her.

Rest now Sister your work here is done.



Revised 2010

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