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MISR, What's behind the name?

MISR is Arabic for Egypt. But do we know what else is behind that name?

Let us take a brief look at this name MISR and see what else interesting we can find. First, MISR (Egypt) is known as the world's light, and for good reasons. It is said to be the first civilized nation to worship and express a belief in the one and only God, (though in the beginning, they did not know what to name or call him). As we are told, they did not worship animals and other Gods. What they could not see or feel they formed an image of, these were personifications of the one God they worshipped.

It gave mankind the first laws; I have not killed, I have not born false witness, I have not stolen, I have not coveted, etc. There were forty-two (42) of these laws, which the Egyptians called negative confessions, also, an interesting note; there was one for each Nome (each state in ancient Egypt was called a Nome). 1600-1700 years before Christ, in Egypt, we had the first enunciation of the Immaculate Conception. Osiris the father of God impregnated Isis who then gave birth to Horus.

Egypt gave many things to the world as mentioned above and others such as the calendar, astrology, etc.; and as we research and study; we find more facts to lead us to believe that Egypt was the teacher of the world.

MISR Court No. 193

MISR Court No. 193 is a member of the Imperial Court. The purpose of the Imperial Court is to unite the relatives of all members of the A.E.A.O.N.M.S. into one common bond of friendship, to practice charity and benevolence, and to inculcate honor and integrity as symbolized in the legend of the Egyptian queen.  The Imperial Court, a charitable and benevolent organization, stresses the development of powerful leaders, encourages health awareness among youth and adults, provides services to help disabled and senior citizens, provides for effective networking among its members and other organizations, recognizes and celebrates the historical and current achievement of African American women, exerts positive influence and utilizes the tool of role modeling for youth, teenage mothers, high school and college students, and disseminates information for educational opportunities and career planning to youth and young adults. 

The organization:

* Disseminates information for educational opportunities and career planning to youth and young adults

* Provides opportunities for scholarship

* Stresses the development of powerful leaders

* Provides for effective networking among its members and organizations

* Recognizes the history and current achievements of women

* Encourages​ Daughters to exert positive influences in their communities

* Encourages health awareness amongst youth and adults

* Renders emergency relief to distressed members in bone a-fide need of assistance

* Promoting positive influences in our communities 

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